Oracle Fusion Applications Interview Questions 2019


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Oracle Fusion Applications Interview Questions

Q1)  What is the bedrock of Oracle Fusion Applications?

Oracle Fusion Applications rely by on industry-learning and open standards fusion middleware platforms. Oracle Fusion middleware essentials provide security and user interface networks.

Q2)  What is Oracle Fusion Middleware?

Middleware will provide the underlying infrastructure of the to manage and run all your package and hardware architectures.

Oracle fusion includes development tools, enterprise performance management, user interactions, content management, business intelligence, Application Grid, SOA management, Identity management, and enterprise management.

Q3)  What are Goals of Oracle Fusion Applications?

Oracle Fusion apps significantly used in new standards for innovation, work, and adoption respectively.

Building an open standard product which allows lowering the cost of by having commonly available skills in the market.

It lowers the risk of integration with other applications which make your work easier to configure, maintain and protect all your configurations.

Q4)  What are the different deployment options available for Oracle fusion?

The Various deployment option is

  1. Public Cloud
  2. Private Cloud
  3. On-Promise
  4. Hybrid Cloud

Q5)  What are the Primary flexfields in Fusion Financials?

General leads – Accounting Flexfield

Assets – Assets flexfield, location flexfields and finally category flexfields

Service – service item flexfields

Receivables – Sales Tax location flexfields and Territory flexfields

Inventory – Item categories, System items, Sales orders, and item catalogs

Q6)  What are different types of FlexFields?

There are two main types of flexfields. They are

  1. Key Flexfields
  2. Descriptive Flexfields

Q7)  What do you mean by Natural Count in flexfields Qualifier?

Generally, each accounting flexfields structure must contain one natural count qualifier. Whenever setting up the values in accounting type you must indicate the type of the account as Asset, Owner’s inquiry, Liabilities, and expenses.

Q8)  What are the Cross Validating Values?

We must define the rules to cross-check the values entered in the key flexfields this process is named as Cross validating values.

Value Set List types

  • List of Values – (10 to 20)
  • The long list of values – (>200)
  • Poplist (>10)

Q9)  What are the different types of Value Sets in Fusion Financials?

There are totally eight different types of Value sets in Fusion Financials. Here is the list of Value sets

  1. None
  2. Independent
  3. Dependent
  4. Translated Independent
  5. Translated Dependent
  6. Table
  7. Special
  8. Pair

Q10)  What is Early adopter of Oracle Fusion Apps?

The oracle fusion applications EAP (Early Adopter Customer Program) is by invitation and it enables strategic customers to get direct access to next-generation fusion apps software before general availability.

Q11)  How long it takes to install Oracle Fusion Applications?

Installing Oracle Fusion Applications are getting easier with every release.

You can choose bare metal or leverage OVM (Oracle Virtual Machines) to host all components.

An Oracle OVM installation takes three days to complete and bare metal takes almost two weeks to complete its installation.

OVM installs two servers and while single server installations take two days.

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