Difference between Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Fusion Applications


Some people always confused to differentiate between the Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Fusion Applications. Here we have compiled a few major differences between the Fusion Middleware and Fusion Applications.

What is an Oracle Fusion Middleware?

A Middleware is a component which lies between other components like Applications, database or infrastructure.

In Other Words, we can say that it facilitates the infrastructure to create business applications.

The Fusion Middleware includes multiple components to serve the requirements of individuals or in an organization.

Fusion Middleware

Oracle JDeveloper:

Oracle JDeveloper is a development tool by Oracle Fusion Middleware that can be used for developing the business applications for the Organization.

WebCenter portals:

For any User interactions we have WebCenter portals that can be used to build portals for internet and then intranet it enables building and consuming standard basic portals and then also you can build pages that are consistent. We can also personalize Portals pages if required.

Oracle Business Intelligence:

Oracle Business Intelligence OBIEE deliveries the robust set of reports, queries, analysis, OLAP dashboard functionality with the rich end-user experience. It makes Corporate data easier for Business people.

Oracle Content Management:

Oracle Content Management, WebCenter Content provides a unified repository enabling Organization to delivers unstructured content in a proper format and within the context of the application that tracks the way they work. It includes document management, captures imaging, content publishing and more.

Oracle Service Oriented Architecture:

Oracle Service Oriented Architecture enables System Developers to set up and manage services into composite applications and business processes. Organizations can easily extend the current Architecture instead of existing investments.

Fusion middleware comes within the inbuilt application server that can host applications that expose the business WebLogic and process to the end users.

Oracle Fusion Applications

Oracle Access Manager:

Oracle Access Manager provides the capability to authenticate the user to check whether the credentials provided by the user are valid and also authorize the user against the application they are trying to access based on the privileges.

Oracle Anti-management is also known as User management can provide creating, updating and deleting of user information. It can also be used for assigning the rules to a specific user.
In other words, it can administer user information.

Oracle Enterprise Management:

Oracle enterprise management OEM cloud control facilitates the to administer all the components of fusion middleware to a single webpage console for any performance analysis or preview the log files for debugging the application related issues.

Fusion Middleware can communicate with WenTier which can include Oracle WebCache and Oracle HTTP server. It can also communicate your Oracle WebLogic server which contains SOA suite, WebCenter and web services.

It also communicates with Data-tier which includes the Oracle internet directory, Oracle Virtual Directory and Oracle Database. Data-tier which holds the user data the LDAP server and Database.

What is Oracle Fusion Applications?

A fusion Application is the next generation application suite from Oracle which is designed to develop on Fusion Middleware. It provides the best functionality from existing Oracle applications.

Any fusion application that we are aware that it could be a CRM, ERP, HCM, EPM, GRC, and SCM are developed on top of Fusion Middleware.

Oracle took the best all Oracle products are developed based on fusion middleware called fusion applications. All the fusion applications are grouped based on the product families or functional areas.

For example, Oracle Fusion CRM can manage customers, contracts, and resources.

Whereas the fusion financials are grouped to provide functional flows like including research, ledger and cash cycle.

Oracle HCM provides employee management for an Organisation. So, each product grouped together based on their functionality or the functional area.

All these fusion applications are developed on top of fusion middleware.

Fusion Middleware Vs Fusion Applications

Oracle Fusion Middleware is a suite of products that includes Oracle WebLogic Server, WebCenter,content, WebCenter portal, identity, and access management tier, Oracle web tier and other components that sets between Oracle Database and it deploys and builds business applications using Oracle fusion middleware.

Oracle Fusion applications is a suite of business applications that are built on top of the Oracle Fusion Middleware.


This is the best guide to know the exact difference between the Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Fusion applications. Go through this guide to know more about the Fusion middleware and fusion applications.

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