Key responsibilities of an Oracle fusion technical consultant


Oracle Fusion Technical:

We are living in the world of technologies and advancements that are paving a great development for businesses. Along with this, a recent survey has proved that there is a high increase in the development of business applications. Hence the business organizations are looking for platforms that are capable of providing 100% efficiency within the given timely deadlines. Oracle fusion applications are the applications that are now booming and there is a large talk about these applications.

We also see the robust and scalable applications are being developed and widely being implemented now. We see that there is a high increase in the openings in both technical and functional roles. Oracle fusion technical usually involves the different cloud offerings, Business intelligence, and OTBI reporting along with the data loading functions and extraction with the live projects. It also includes advanced topics that will help you gain knowledge on customization, personalization, and extensibility in the oracle cloud integration technologies.


Key responsibilities of an Oracle fusion technical consultant:


Oracle fusion technical involves multiple aspects as mentioned earlier. Let me give you a brief idea of the key responsibilities of an oracle fusion technical consultant.

A fusion technical consultant should be capable of building the reports, customized reports along with the different integrations and interfaces by utilizing the fusion technology stack.

  • He/she should be capable enough to work with the functional teams and review and understand the feasibility of the business requirements.
  • A consultant has to be capable of gathering the requirements that are needed for the improvements or enhancements and also should be proficient in different modules and tools.
  • They should be capable of preparing the estimations by understanding the customer requirements and also should have the ability to work towards the implementation support for any issues that arise during the production.


Oracle Fusion is a platform that is booming these days. It is recommended to gain knowledge on Oracle fusion and its applications. As there are multiple opportunities on a high scale, you can get trained and certified in Oracle fusion which would help you gain a prosperous career ahead.


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