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Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management SCM Training

Oracle Fusion SCM Overview

In today’s multifaceted business process, mergers, acquisitions and multichannel customers, and multi-order capture made supply chain very complex.  All these disparate processes and systems complicate enterprise-wide view of orders. This leads to lowered accuracy, lowered profitability, and poor customer satisfaction. When Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management is implemented it shows u significance improvement in your business. With Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management SCM Training we will get know all these things.

Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management Training 

Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management SCM Training will make you understand its relation to other Oracle applications and increase the return on investment in the business. In Oracle Fusion SCM Training you will learn about configuration management, product management, Fusion inventory, etc. This training will broadly cover the following topics:

  • Procurement Implementation
  • Order Orchestration Implementation
  • Product Information Management Implementation


Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management SCM Training

After the completion of the course you will:

  • Get familiar with Oracle Fusion architecture and   applications
  • Understand the complete P2P cycle and customize according to client’s requirement.
  • Regulate the procurement process, setup supplier portals, and manage supplier qualification.
  • Regulate the terms of contracts according to the criteria given by client by adhering  to best standards
  • Create online auctions and integrate with supplier portals.
  • Understand SLA in the domains of cost accounting and receipt.

System requirement:

You need a good internet connection (0.5 MB or 512 KB) with a headset. For lab exercises, you connect to K21 cloud remotely using VNC client that is freely available. During our training, we provide step by step instructions to connect to our servers in a word with relevant screenshots and video instructions.

What are the career prospects for Oracle fusion SCM?

Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management SCM Training is useful for engineering graduates with production or manufacturing specialization. Our Oracle Fusion SCM Training will help you to gain the required skills and knowledge giving you an edge in this highly competitive corporate world. Candidates who undergo this training will get placed as Functional consultants, Techno-Functional consultants or technical consultants in Fortune 500 companies.

Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management SCM Training – SYLLABUS

  1. Fusion Applications Overview

    1. What is Fusion Applications and how it is different from Oracle Apps
    2. Fusion Applications Implementation Models
    3. Fusion Applications Architecture
    4. What applications are included in Fusion SCM
    5. Fusion Financials Middleware
  2. Define Enterprise Structure in Fusion Supply Chain Management

    1. Manage Enterprise Structure for Initial Configuration
    2. Define Reference Data Sets
    3. Create Locations
    4. Manage Business Units
    5. Assign Business Unit Business Function
    6. Manage Business Unit Set Assignments
    7. Manage Inventory Organizations
    8. Manage Sub inventories
  3. Inventory & Product Data Hub

    1. Define Locations
    2. Define Shifts
    3. Define Workday Patterns
    4. Define Schedules
    5. Define Item Organization
    6. Define Inventory Organization
    7. Manage Organization Parameters
    8. Assign Data Roles to Implementation user
    9. Manage Item Profiles
    10. Define Unit of Measurement Profile Options
    11. Unit Of Measure Classes
    12. Manage UOM Conversions
    13. Check Life Cycle Phase
    14. Define Attribute Groups
    15. Manage Item Class
    16. Administer Item Status
    17. Administer Item Type
    18. Create Item DFFs
    19. Manage Catalog Key Flexfield
    20. Default Catalog
    21. Manage Inventory Profile Options
    22. Define Sub inventories
    23. Inter-Org Parameters
    24. Receiving Parameters
    25. Receiving Profiles
    26. Inventory Transactions
  4.  Product Management (Product Data Hub)

    1.  Define Item Organization
    2. Check Life Cycle Phase
    3. Define Attribute Groups
    4. Manage Item Class
    5. Administer Item Status
    6. Administer Item Type
    7. Item Relationships
    8. Item Structures (Bill of Materials)
  5. Core Purchasing

    1. Manage Requisition Business Function
    2. Manage Procurement Business Function
    3. Setup Purchasing Profiles
    4. Setup Document Numbering
    5. Setup Line Types for Purchasing
    6. Document Styles Setup
    7. Requisition Descriptive Flex fields
    8. Purchasing Descriptive Flex fields
    9. Setup Common Options for Payable and Procurement
    10. Setup Procurement Agents
    11. Setup Receiving Parameters
    12. Setup Requisition Approvals
    13. Setup Purchase Order Approvals
    14. Manage Transaction Accounting Builder
    15. Receipt Accounting

      1.Create Requisition
      2. Approve Requisition
      3. Convert Requisition to Purchase Order
      4. Approve Purchase Order
      5. Create Receipt

  6. Costing management

    1. Concept of Cost Organization
    2. Data Role for Cost Organizations
    3. Define Cost Books.
    4. Define Cost Org Relationship
    5. Concept of Cost Analysis Group
    6. Define Valuation Structures
    7. Define Cost Element
    8. Mapping of Cost Components
    9. Manage Cost Component Group
    10. Cost Profiles
    11. Default Cost Profile
    12. Define Valuation Units
    13. Manage Sub ledger Accounting Method
    14. Cost Management Mapping Sets
    15. Cost Analysis Mapping
    16. Transfer Transactions from Inv to Costing
    17. Transfer from Receiving to Costing
    18. Manage Run Controls
    19. Do Transactions and View Accounting Entries
  7. Order Management

    1. COGS / DCOGS Account Setup
    2. Manage Ship confirm Rules     
    3. Manage Shipping Parameters
    4. Manage Order Management Parameters
    5. Manage Order Orchestration Source System
    6. Manage Orchestration Process
    7. Assign Orchestration Process Rule
    8. Pricing

      1. Create Price List
      2. Create Customer Profile
      3. Create Pricing segment
      4. Create Pricing Strategy
      5. Pricing Strategy Assignment
    9. Global order promising

      1. Create ATP Rule
      2. Assign ATP Rule to Item and Organization
      3. Create Sourcing Rules
      4. Assign Sourcing Rules to Assignment Sets
      5. Run Collections
    10. Sales order flow

      1. Create Sales Order
      2. Book Sales Order
      3. Pick Release
      4. Ship Confirm
      5. Interface to Account Receivables
  8. Oracle transactional business intelligence (otbi)

    1. Overview
    2. Create reports using OTBI
  9. Data conversions

    1. Suppliers Conversion
    2. Customers Conversions
    3. Items Conversions
    4. PO Conversions, etc
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Thank You Sai

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