Oracle Fusion HCM Products


Overview of Oracle Fusion HCM Products

Oracle Fusion HCM Products are built on the foundation that user roles, business-led configurability, and important processes are fundamental to the application suite.  With Oracle Fusion HCM, you have the power to easily reshape the application to your preferences. It understands the differences between the roles of the manager, HR-executive, and employee. All the related worker information is located on the same page. It eliminates the necessity to access multiple modules by ensuring data consistency. That means the entire life cycle of an employee can be managed in a single application.

The List Of Products are as follows:

  • Fusion Global Human Resources
  • Fusion Workforce Directory Management
  • Fusion Global Payroll
  • Fusion Payroll Interface
  • Fusion Talent Review
  • Fusion Benefits
  • Fusion Workforce Lifecycle Manager
  • Fusion Workforce Predictions
  • Fusion Transaction Business Intelligence for Human Capital Management
  • Fusion Compensation
  • Fusion Total Compensation Statement
  • Fusion Performance Management
  • Fusion Goal Management
  • Fusion Network at Work
  • Fusion International Human Resources and Payroll Kit

What makes it unique?

You need advanced technical skills if you want to survive in this digital era. Oracle Fusion provides every member in the organization value by revolutionizing the business of HR management.  It helps you get the job done easier and faster.

You can work as a team within the workspace and collaborate via mobile phones with your team using Oracle Fusion HCM application. It is designed with teamwork as a key element in making the work more productive and effective. The application can be accessed on any mobile device seamlessly at any place. It also allows users to share information easily with their coworkers. The Oracle Talent Review lets managers and workers assess their co-workers’ capabilities and expertise on the user interface. The managers could use this function to improve the business by using the workers’ unique talents aptly.

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