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Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training

Fusion Duniya offers you a comprehensive course in Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training. In Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training, we will teach you about the financial reporting, account monitoring and account inspection. We also have advanced computer labs where you have technical support and faculty to completely master Oracle Fusion Financials. In training, you will first get to know about the Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training Overview.

After thoroughly teaching the theoretical concepts about oracle fusion financials overview and training, you learn the practical application of Fusion Financials. Then, you are assigned a real-time project. Not only it is a perfect opportunity for applying the skills you have acquired, but also you gain the practical experience in working with the Oracle Fusion Applications.

Fusion Duniya also assists you in preparing for interviews. We have handpicked professional trainers who have experience in working with the financial companies globally. The placement cells in major companies recognize our trainers for this very reason since we have the best and competent trainers.
Following is the Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training Course Content.

Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training Course Content

  1. Overview of Oracle Fusion Applications

    1. Introduction to ERP
    2. Overview of Oracle Cloud Fusion
    3. Oracle Fusion Implementation Models
    4. Enterprise Structure
    5. Oracle Fusion Architecture
  2. Introduction to Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training

    1. Fusion Financials vs. Oracle Apps Financials
    2. Applications in Fusion Financials
    3. Basic Accounting
    4. Explore Dash Board/Work Area
  3. Oracle Fusion Financials Concepts

    1. User & Roles (IDM & APM)
    2. Functional Setup Manager (FSM)
    3. Fusion Financial Middleware
    4. Data import using ADFdi Spreadsheets
    5. File based data import (FBDI)
    6. Third Party Application Integration with Fusion Cloud Applications
    7. Invoice Imaging Solution
    8. Querying data from Database & Reporting
    9. Approvals setup (BPM)
  4. Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager (FSM)

    1. Introduction to Functional Setup Manager (FSM)
    2. Understanding Application Implementation Process through FSM
    3. Understanding Offerings
    4. Understanding Options
    5. Enabling Offerings
    6. Implementation Project Creation
    7. Task Assignments to Team Members
    8. Status Tracking
    9. Understating Task Lists/Tasks
    10. Overview on Offerings Documentation
    11. Overview on Rapid Implementation Process
  5. Oracle Fusion General Ledger (GL)

    1. GL Configuration

      1. Create Account Calendar
      2. Create/Enable Currencies
      3. Create Value Sets
      4. Create Chart of Accounts
      5. Create Chart of Accounts Instance
      6. Create Primary Ledger
      7. Setup Ledger Options
      8. Create Legal Entity
      9. Complete Primary Ledger Definition
      10. Review General Ledger Role Template
      11. Assign Data Roles to User
      12. Run LDAP Job
      13. Open GL Periods
    2. GL Transaction Process

      1. Understanding Role Based Dashboards
      2. Create Journals & Post
      3. Journal Approval Configuration & Testing
      4. Create Journals in ADFdi
      5. Loading Journals from FBDI Templates
      6. Foreign Currency Journals Setups & Process
      7. Reverse Journals Setups & Process
      8. Data Access Set Setups & Process
      9. Security Rules Setups & Process
      10. Cross Validation Rules Setups & Process
      11. Create Ledger Set Setups & Process
      12. Create Reporting Ledger/Reporting Currency Setups & Process
      13. Create Secondary Ledger Setups & Process
      14. Auto Posting Setups & Process
      15. Auto Reversal Setups & Process
      16. Revaluation Setups & Process
      17. Translation Setups & Process
      18. Consolidation Setups & Process
      19. Generating Reports from Financial Reporting Studio (FRS)
      20. Generating Reports from Smart View
      21. Generating Reports from Account Inspector
      22. Generating Reports Account Monitor
      23. GL Period Close Process
  6. Oracle Fusion Accounts Payable (AP)

    1. AP Configuration

      1. Create Business Unit Locations
      2. Create Reference Data Sets
      3. Create Business Units
      4. Assign Business Unit Functions to Business Unit
      5. Create Legislative Data Group
      6. Assign Legislative Data Group to LE
      7. Create Employee User
      8. Assign Implementation Consultant Roles to User
      9. Create Procurement Agents
      10. Common Options for Payables and Procurement
      11. Invoice Options Configuration
      12. Payment Options Configuration
      13. Create Payment Terms
      14. Create Distribution Sets
      15. Setting up Suppliers Number
      16. Assign Supplier Roles to User
      17. Create Supplier
      18. Create Supplier Addresses
      19. Create Supplier Sites
      20. Assigning Supplier Sites to Procurement Business Units
      21. Create Banks
      22. Create Branches
      23. Create Bank Accounts
      24. Create Payables Documents
      25. Create Payment Method
      26. Create Payment Process Profile
      27. Introduction to Payables Role Templates
      28. Assigning Data Roles to User
      29. Submitting LDAP Job
      30. Open Payables Periods
    2. AP Transaction Process

      1. Standard Invoice Creation
      2. PO Based Invoice Creation
      3. Invoice Creation via Spreadsheet
      4. Payment Creation Process
      5. Creating Payment Process Request
      6. Withholding Tax Setups & Process
      7. Supplier Merge Process
      8. Invoice Approval Configuration & Testing
      9. Security Profile Configuration & Testing
      10. Create Aging Periods & Testing
      11. Custom Job, Duty, Data Roles Creation
      12. File Based Data Import (FBDI) Process – Suppliers Conversion Process
      13. File Based Data Import (FBDI) Process – Open Invoices Conversion Process
      14. Creating Accounting Entries & Transferring to GL
      15. Payables Period Close Process
      16. Payables to General Ledger Reconciliation
      17. Creating BI Reports
      18. Creating OTBI Reports
  7. Oracle Fusion Accounts Receivables (AR)

    1. AR Configuration

      1. Receivables System Options Configuration
      2. Define Transaction Types
      3. Define Transaction Sources
      4. Auto Accounting Configuration
      5. Create Payment Terms
      6. Create Statement Cycles
      7. Collector Creation
      8. Create Customer Profile Class
      9. Create Reference Data Set for Customer Site
      10. Create Customer
      11. Create Customer Site/Address
      12. Create Remit-to-Address
      13. Memo Lines Creation
      14. Create Receivable Activities
      15. Create Receipt Classes & Methods
      16. Create Receipt Source
      17. Overview on AR Role Template
      18. Assign Receivables Data Roles to User
      19. Submitting LDAP Job
      20. Open Receivables Periods
    2. AR Transaction Process

      1. Invoice Transaction Creation
      2. Credit Memo Transaction Creation
      3. Chargeback Setups & Transaction Creation
      4. Standard Receipt Creation
      5. Receipt Setups & Process
      6. Receipt/Batch Creation in Spreadsheet & Process
      7. Standard Receipt Reversal
      8. Aging Methods/Buckets & Testing
      9. Create Automatic Receipts
      10. Reviewing Customer Account Details
      11. File Based Data Import (FBDI) Process – Customers Conversion Process
      12. File Based Data Import (FBDI) Process – Auto Invoice Conversion Process
      13. File Based Data Import (FBDI) Process – Standard Receipts Conversion Process
      14. Create Accounting Entries & Transfer to GL
      15. Receivables Period Close Process
      16. Receivables to General Ledger Reconciliation
  8. Oracle Fusion Cash Management (CM)

    1. CM Configuration & Transaction process

      1. Integration with other applications
      2. Manual Bank Statement Creation
      3. Manual Reconciliation
      4. Automatic Reconciliation
      5. Generate Cash Transactions
      6. External Cash Transactions
  9. Oracle Fusion Fixed Assets (FA)

    1. FA Configuration

      1. Create Value Sets for Category KFF
      2. Create Value Sets for Location KFF
      3. Create Value Sets for Asset Key KFF
      4. Create Category KFF Structure
      5. Create Location KFF Structure
      6. Create Asset Key KFF Structure
      7. Create Category KFF Structure Instance
      8. Create Location KFF Structure Instance
      9. Create Asset Key KFF Structure Instance
      10. Create Segment Values to 3 KFF Segments
      11. Configure System Controls
      12. Create Fiscal Year Calendar
      13. Create Asset Calendar
      14. Define Prorate Convention
      15. Create Prorate Calendar
      16. Create Asset Book
      17. Create Tax Book
      18. Create Asset Categories
      19. Overview on Asset Book Role Template
      20. Assign Data Roles to User
    2. FA Transaction Process

      1. Manual Additions
      2. Asset Creation using Spreadsheet ADFdi
      3. Mass Additions
      4. Merge Asset Lines
      5. Split Asset Lines
      6. CIP Asset & CIP Capitalization
      7. Reclassification
      8. Revaluation
      9. Impairment of an Asset
      10. Run Depreciation (Draft/Final)
      11. Mass Copy
      12. What-if Analysis
      13. Rollback Depreciation
      14. Asset Retirement
      15. Asset Reinstatement
      16. File Based Data Import (FBDI) Process – Assets
      17. Create Accounting Entries & Transfer to GL
      18. Assets Period Close Process
      19. Assets to General Ledger Reconciliation
  10. Oracle Fusion Expenses

    1.   Expenses Configuration

      1. Setup Expense System Options
      2. Create Expense Report Templates
      3. Define Expense Approval Rules
      4. Assign Data Roles to User
      5. Run LDAP Job
      6. Set Default Expense Account for Employee
    2. Transaction Process

      1. Enter Expense Report
      2. Approve Expense Report
      3. Audit Expense Report
      4. Process Expense Reimbursements
      5. Importing Expense Report into AP
  11. Oracle Fusion Purchasing

    1. Purchasing Configuration & Transaction process

      1. Create Inventory Location
      2. Assign Business Unit Business Function for Procurement
      3. Define Facilities for Procurement
        1. Facility Shifts
        2. Facility Workday Pattern
        3. Facility Schedules
      4. Create Item Master Inventory Organization
      5. Create Actual Inventory Organization
      6. Configure Procurement Business Function
      7. Configure Requisitioning Business Function
      8. Manage Common Options for Payables and Procurement
      9. Receiving Parameters
      10. Procurement Agent
      11. Manage Transaction Account Definitions
      12. Manage Account Rules
      13. Transaction Account Definition
      14. Setting Sub ledger Accounting Options
      15. Create Approval Group
      16. Manage Purchasing Document Approvals
      17. Assign Data Roles to User
      18. Run LDAP Job for Roles Synchronization
      19. Purchase Order Creation & Approvals
      20. Create Invoice in AP Matching PO
  12. Oracle Fusion TaX

    1. Create Tax Regime
    2. Create Tax
    3. Create Tax Jurisdiction
    4. Create Tax Status
    5. Create Tax Rates
    6. Application Tax Options
    7. Tax Owner Configuration
    8. Assign Tax to Supplier (Header & Address)
    9. Payables Invoice Creation with Tax
  13. Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI)

    1. Overview
    2. Create reports using OTBI
  14. Data Conversions

    1. Suppliers Conversion
    2. Customers Conversions
    3. Invoices Conversions
    4. PO Conversions, etc
  15. Oracle Fusion Middleware (as applicable for Fusion Financials implementation)

    1.   Oracle Identity Manager (OIM)

      1. Implementation User Creation
      2. Role Provisioning
      3. Custom Roles Creation
    2. Oracle Authorization Policy Manager (APM)

      1. Role Templates
      2. Oracle Delivered Roles
      3. Generating Custom Data Roles
    3. Oracle Business Process Management (BPM)

      1. Approval Groups Creation
      2. Approval Rule Definitions

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