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Fusion Human Capital Management Course Overview

  • Fusion Applications Overview
  • HCM Fusion Security Concepts
  • Difference between EBS and Fusion Applications
  • Manage Oracle Fusion HCM Training
  • Explain Functional Setup Manager
  • Concept of Oracle Fusion Applications
  • Understanding Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager
  • Concept of Functional Setup Manager
  • Create Implementation Users
  • Managing Implementation Project
  • Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management HCM Training

Define Enterprise Structure in Fusion Human Capital Management

  • Manage Enterprise Structure for HCM
  • Define Currencies
  • Conversion Rates and Daily Rates
  • Define Reference Data Sets
  • Create Locations
  • Legal Jurisdiction and Authority for Procurement
  • Manage Legal Entity for Procurement
  • Legal Reporting Unit
  • What are Business Units


Geographies in Human Capital Management HCM

  • Explain Geography Models
  • What is Geography Structure
  • File Based Process


Manage Enterprise Structure in Fusion Human Capital Management HCM

  • What is Enterprise Information in HCM
  • Manage Employment Models
  • Create Work Day
  • Number Generation Methods
  • Manage Persons
  • User and Role Provisioning Methods


Job and Position Hierarchies

  • What are Jobs and Positions
  • Position and Job Attributes
  • Manage Jobs and Positions Attributes


Legal Entities For Human Capital Management HCM

  • Define Legal Entity LE Role
  • What are LE Considerations
  • Legal Entity and Its Relationship To Divisions
  • Overview of Legal Reporting Unit
  • Manage Legislative Data Group

What are Workforce Structures

  • Manage Locations
  • Human Capital Management Organizations HCM
  • What are Actions and their Reasons


Define Jobs

  • Setting up Jobs and their Maintenance
  • Job Lookups Management
  • Job Family Setup

Define Positions

  • Setting up Positions and their Maintenance
  • Example of Positions

Manage Grades

  • Setting up Grades and their Maintenance
  • Create Grades
  • Define Grade Rate
  • Manage Grade Ladder


How To Manage Workforce Cycle

  • Setup Person
  • Create Employment Information
  • What are Areas of Responsibility
  • Manage Employment Processes
  • Create Mass Updates


Manage Worker Directories

  • Create Person Gallery and Portrait
  • Search Person
  • Manage Worker Service
  • Define Portrait Cards
  • Simplify User Experience
  • Create Gallery Portrait


Workflow, Approvals and Notifications

  • Manage Workflow
  • Create Approver Type
  • Approval Groups For HCM
  • Manage Approval Structures
  • Business Process Management Worklist
  • Manage Approval Rule


Fusion Human Capital Management HCM Security

  • What is Role Type
  • Understanding Role Inheritance
  • Security Profile Types
  • Customize Fusion HCM Security
  • Security Profiles assignment to Roles
  • Understanding Fusion HCM Data Roles

Oracle Fusion HCM (Human Capital Management) Overview

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Oracle Fusion HCM Training

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Oracle Fusion HCM Online Training

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Oracle Fusion HCM Online Training

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