The Role of Human Capital Management in Organizations


Fusion Human Capital Management: 

Every organization is dependent on human resources for managing human resources-related activities or administrative tasks. As there will be multiple processes, activities involved in the organization’s day-to-day operations, Oracle has developed a cloud solution called Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management. HCM is one of the success factors for organizations to attract talent and improve the employees to contribute to your organization’s best.

Oracle Fusion HCM is the practice that helps attract, recruiting, training, developing, and retaining the best out of the employees to attain the organization’s objectives. The primary focus of Human Capital Management is to add value to the organization’s people resources. It includes the functions of the human resources that will create an environment with strong organizational culture.

Role of human capital management in an organization:

Human Capital Management has come up with the different features which would benefit the organization. Let us know how HCM helps in the organization.

  1. Simplifies onboarding: HCM helps in hiring the right talent, employees and ensures that the employees are correctly onboarded, allowing the new-hires to be comfortable with the environment and learn about the organization.
  2. Encourages collaboration: HCM is responsible for improving the collaboration between the employees, allowing them to learn new things and skills that will help them in everyday work and allow them to shift between the different business functions based on the business requirements.
  3. Establish commitment: For a successful business, the employee qualifications must match the available open positions  in the beginning of the recruitment process. The employees need to be encouraged to increase their commitment to the organization.
  4. Addressing issues: HCM helps you address and solve the problems of employees efficiently.


In this advanced world,  there is a high need for cloud solutions like Oracle fusion Human Capital Management which would help enhance the business in terms of human resources. I hope the above information has provided you a brief understanding of Oracle HCM and its importance.

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