Process of Fusion Purchasing Approvals


Understanding Fusion Purchasing Approvals

1. What are the key segments of Fusion Approvals in Oracle Fusion Applications / Oracle Fusion Procurement?

Understanding Fusion Purchasing Approvals:

  • HCM – Human Capital Management
  • AMX – Approval Management extensions
  • Procurement Approval Rules Management Engine
  • BPM – Business Process Management

How many seeded approvals are available in Oracle Fusion Applications?

  • Vendor Registration Approval
  • Supplr Spend Authorization Approval
  • Purchase Requisition Approval
  • Purchase Order Document Approval
  • Internal Vendor Registration Approval
  • Vendor Negotiation Approval
  • Supplr Negotiation Award Approval


3. Understanding Fusion Purchasing Approvals – Approval Structures in Oracle Fusion Applications

Understanding Fusion Purchasing Approvals

4. Approval Stages in Fusion Approvals

Understanding Fusion Purchasing Approvals
Header Pre-Approval Stage contains four participants:

  1. Requester FYI Participant
  2. Pre Approval Header Consensus Participant
  3. Pre-Approval Header First Responder Participant
  4. Header Hierarchy Participant

Header Stage contains below five participants:

  1. Head Hierarchy Participant
  2. Header Hierarchy 2 Participant
  3. Hierarchy 3 Participant
  4. Head Stage – First Responder Wins Participant
  5. Header Stage Consensus Participant

Header Post Approval Stage contains below three participants:

  1. Head Consensus Participant
  2. Header First Responder Participant
  3. Post Approval Header Hierarchy Participant

Post Approval FYI Stage contains participant:

  1. Preparer FYI Participant

5. Attributes (Seeded)

Oracle Fusion Approvals contain three types of seeded attributes. Below are some of the seeded attributes as an example.

  1. Header Level Attributes

  • Requisitioning BU
  • Requisition Amount
  • Preparer
  • Ledger
  1. Line Level Attributes

  • Supplier
  • Item
  • Price
  • Line Amount
  1. Distribution Level Attributes

  • Project
  • Natural Account
  • Distribution Account
  • Cost Center

In addition to seeded attributes, Fusion Applications allow creating user-defined attributes.

       User-Defined Attributes:

  • Currency based User-Defined Attributes: If the company is using a standard set of approval rules, which apply across locations then we can simplify the rule maintenance by setting up rules in the same currency, instead of maintaining currency specific rules.
  • Custom User-Defined Attributes
  • Summation User-Defined Attributes

    6. Fusion Purchasing Approvals Rules in Fusion Approvals

Each Approval Rule has three components namely Condition, Attribute, and Action. For Example:

Condition:  If Requisition Approval Amount (Attribute) is less than or equal to 1000
Action:       No approval required i.e. Auto-Approved

Condition:  If Requisition Approval Amount (Attribute) is greater than 1000 and less than or equal to 5000
Action:       As per Approval Structure

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