Importance and Primary Goals of Supply Chain Management


Supply Chain Management :

As of 2021, we see that many advancements and rapid changes are happening in business to IT needs.  Every business organization requires the suppliers to fulfil the organization’s needs with the best customer satisfaction or client satisfaction. Hence, to attain customer satisfaction and customer value, Oracle has come up with the Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management (SCM), which is proven to be the most successful in the current booming cloud market.

 is responsible for ensuring the smooth and Rapid implementation of applications in the Oracle Fusion distributed order procurement, and the promising global order. Oracle Fusion SCM refers to managing the different processes available and the activities involved at every point, which will help create value to the customer.

Primary goals of Oracle Fusion SCM:

Every organization maintains the extensive list of suppliers because every operation has its suppliers.  It will be a tedious task to manage all the different suppliers as there would be a lot of information, contracts when the organization ties up with the supplier. Few of the primary goals in SCM are explained below:

  • Supply Chain Management system is responsible for managing the applications that exist to ensure a continuous supply. 
  • It also helps establish and strengthen the relationship between the suppliers and the different lines of process. 
  • It also helps in managing the compliance and risks to abide as per the organizational compliances. 
  • It also helps in ensuring that the processing will take place through minimal cost and the right suppliers, providing a comprehensive supply review.


Oracle Fusion SCM is one of the booming platforms used by most organizations to meet the business needs efficiently with positive customer satisfaction. In the business perspective, the Supply Chain Management system holds its value incredibly high in the market. I hope you have got a brief understanding of  Oracle Fusion SCM and its goals.

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