Oracle Fusion Applications Overview


Oracle Fusion applications is an ERP software which is a complete set of business applications that sets the new standards of innovation, word, and adoption. It has been build from the features of the following ERP’s. Here is the short Oracle Fusion Applications Overview.

Oracle Fusion Applications Overview:

Oracle Fusion Applications

Oracle is meant for buying smaller companies or smaller software’s while doing that Oracle found different applications, different ERP software’s popular in their respective areas. They have taken their respective features of the respective areas of the EBS. EBS is a well-known word in Oracle fusion financials and is very strong in the financial area.

They have built oracle fusion ERP software by taking the best features of the applications like Oracle EBS, JD Edwards, people soft and Seibel.
Fusion is also another ERP software that is coming from the best features of all these software’s and merged them into fusion.

Let’s say EBS, fixed assets is a very best feature that we have. People soft is having

People soft is having the best features there and appropriate structure.

Each individual feature is taken and designed through fusion and they have included in Oracle Fusion applications.

Oracle fusion applications also provide a powerful reporting tool that empowers top management to take business decisions.

Here is the Oracle Fusion Applications Overview and tools that are provided by the Oracle Fusion Applications.

Graphical Reporting tools available in Oracle Fusion

For example, if you finance manager or a controller and you would like to see what is your financial status of cash inflows and cash outflows. Here cash managers will present what are your cash inflows and cash outflows down the lane for a specified period. It is more effective when they show figures in Graphical representations.

So Oracle Coming up with an application with reporting tools such as graphical reporting tools. Which oppose the top management to take the Oracle fusion applications.

KPI(Key Performance Indicator):

If you have a 10 collection agent, you would like to see which collection agents are performing well and which collection agents are not performing well. KPI will reveal the performance of a collections agent from each geographical area.

Dash Boards:

A dashboard is a palace where you can have multiple information on a single page. Consists of all reports of that particular application.

Ad hoke using Reports using OBIA:

OBIA is nothing but an Oracle business intelligence application, it provides the custom reports or if you would like to do fusion integrations oracle uses third-party tools. It provides all the custom reports using OBIA.

Real-time Reports Using OTBI:

This online transactional business intelligence is like an OBIA which offers pre defines queries in the subject area using drag and drop options. Whatever the columns you want to see in reports area you can drag and drop. The system will automatically show the reports.

FR reports:

Where you can maintain the balance sheet, cash flow statements, fund flow statements, income, and expense statements and all GM balance reports prepared in FR reports.

Hyperion Reporting:

It is also called as Smart Views. Hyperion will word inside to the fusion. It is a kind of middleware management reporting tool and it will work on the spreadsheet, your spreadsheet will interact fusion database. It extracts the required data for you from the database.

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