Significance of Outbound Integrations in Fusion Applications


How you pull the data from the fusion applications? Inserting data in the fusion applications the total process is called as Inbound Integrations. The Process of Pulling data from the fusion applications is called Outbound Integrations. Here we are pulling data from the fusion applications to third-party applications of any company or in-house applications. Here we are explaining the process of Fusion Applications Outbound Integrations.

For example, we can take third-party applications can be ADP if we have payroll / GL /finance in the fusion application we have to send data to the banks, the EFT files and if we have an HR benefits in the fusion applications then we have to send data to the benefits vendors.

If we have any third party applications like sales force and if we have any third party applications deciding for your company outside then we have to feed those applications from the fusion applications with respect to data.
Here we are listing out how we can pull data from fusion to those applications.

Process of Fusion Applications Outbound Integrations:

Outbound Integrations

HCM Extracts:

HCM extracts are a very powerful tool that we use to pull data into the from fusion applications to In house applications HCM Extract is one very powerful tool offered by the Oracle where we can build the files with the required data.

That data can be full data or that data can be a change data and compared to what happened to the last run. So several ways we can pull data from fusion applications and that data can be created in the report, that can be a publisher, that data can be delivered to whatever destinations you want to send automatically.

We can also merge the reports into multiple reports and can be sent to the multiple destinations and that destination can be an NSTP server, an email, a printed doc, a Fax and that can be any destination server we can send the data from fusion applications. Fusion Applications Outbound Integrations can be done using the HCM Extracts tool.

BI Publisher:

Another popular way of Extracting data from fusion applications is BI Publisher.

BI Publisher is used to pulling any kind of information from the fusion applications and that data can be exposed to the outer world using BI Publisher.

Here you can create data models, data reports and that reports can be delivered to the required destinations.


OTBI is one of the components of the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIE). OTBI has a very rich look and feels functionality, graphical representational functionality where the reports can be built by any business users or any consultant very quickly and it can be delivered very quickly.

There are some limitations for the OTBI that may not have access to all database objects while creating the reports. But it will have enough subject area, access to the database objects where we can extract the data and build the data in a graphical format like chat, bar chat or combinations, multiple combinations along with table format.

There are many ways we can do that or we can combine multiple reports into a single place where we call it as Dashboard. A dashboard can be embedded into fusion applications along with the inherited security roles which are a great feature of ODBI.

For day to day operational purposes also this OTBI is used. It is also a very powerful tool to ensure the reports can be run, schedule the reports and also can be delivered to active destinations.

SOAP/ Web Services:

Any extract is built in the fusion application or any BI publisher report is built in the fusion applications those reports also available and to be called, that one will have an endpoint which we can consume from outside and pull the report as when it’s needed.

To pull the data from fusion applications to any third party applications we use SOAP / Web services outbound Integrations.


These are a couple of ways to how we do the Fusion Applications Outbound Integrations scenarios based on the requirement, based on the need which one we need to where we use all these scenarios.

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