Oracle Fusion SCM Interview Questions and Answers 2024



Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a leading cloud-based solution designed to streamline supply chain operations, optimize inventory management, and drive organizational efficiency. For professionals aiming to succeed in Oracle Fusion SCM interviews in 2024 and beyond, thorough preparation is essential. This comprehensive guide provides a curated list of interview questions and detailed answers to help candidates excel in Oracle Fusion SCM interviews.

1. General Questions:

Q: What is Oracle Fusion SCM?

A: Oracle Fusion SCM is a cloud-based supply chain management solution that enables organizations to manage procurement, manufacturing, inventory, logistics, and order fulfillment processes in a unified platform.

Q: Can you explain the key modules in Oracle Fusion SCM?

A: The key modules in Oracle Fusion SCM include Procurement, Inventory Management, Order Management, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Supply Chain Planning.

2. Functional Questions:

Q: What is the purpose of the Procurement module in Oracle Fusion SCM?

A: The Procurement module in Oracle Fusion SCM is responsible for managing the end-to-end procurement process, including sourcing, purchasing, supplier management, and contract management. It helps organizations optimize supplier relationships, negotiate favorable contracts, and ensure timely delivery of goods and services.

Q: How does Oracle Fusion SCM handle inventory management?

A: Oracle Fusion SCM offers robust inventory management capabilities, including inventory tracking, replenishment planning, cycle counting, and warehouse management. It enables organizations to optimize inventory levels, minimize stockouts, and improve overall inventory accuracy and visibility.

3. Technical Questions:

Q: What is the underlying architecture of Oracle Fusion SCM?

A: Oracle Fusion SCM is built on a unified data model and architecture that integrates various supply chain modules and functionalities. It leverages Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Database technologies to deliver a scalable and secure cloud-based solution.

Q: How do you perform data integrations in Oracle Fusion SCM?

A: Data integrations in Oracle Fusion SCM can be performed using various methods, including Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC), File-based Data Import, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and Web Services. These integration tools facilitate seamless data flow between Oracle Fusion SCM and other systems.

4. Scenario-Based Questions:

Q: How would you handle a situation where there is a delay in supplier delivery in Oracle Fusion SCM?

A: To address a delay in supplier delivery in Oracle Fusion SCM, I would first identify the root cause of the delay and assess its impact on production schedules and customer commitments. I would then communicate with the supplier to expedite delivery, explore alternative sourcing options, and adjust production plans accordingly to minimize disruptions.

Q: What steps would you take to optimize inventory levels in Oracle Fusion SCM?

A: To optimize inventory levels in Oracle Fusion SCM, I would analyze demand patterns, lead times, and supply chain constraints to determine optimal stocking levels. I would implement inventory optimization techniques such as ABC analysis, safety stock planning, and reorder point optimization to balance inventory costs and service levels effectively.

5. Best Practices and Tips:

  • Familiarize yourself with Oracle Fusion SCM modules, functionalities, and user interface by exploring the application’s navigation paths, menus, and features.
  • Stay updated on the latest updates, enhancements, and best practices related to Oracle Fusion SCM through official documentation, forums, and training resources.
  • Practice hands-on exercises and scenarios in a sandbox environment to gain practical experience and proficiency in using Oracle Fusion SCM.
  • Prepare for interview questions by reviewing common topics such as procurement management, inventory optimization, order fulfillment, logistics, and supply chain planning in Oracle Fusion SCM.


Mastering Oracle Fusion SCM interviews requires a solid understanding of the application’s functionalities, technical architecture, and best practices. By familiarizing yourself with the provided interview questions and detailed answers, candidates can confidently demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in Oracle Fusion SCM, increasing their chances of success in securing employment opportunities in this dynamic field in 2024 and beyond.


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