Implementing Oracle Fusion Planning Central with Supply Chain Planning


Oracle Fusion Planning Central Implementation

How many times you have noticed that the product range in your house or office is actually a list of Global Companies! Like the computers from China, Room decors from India, Coffee from Ghana and so on. With an Oracle Fusion Planning Central Implementation, Business has now become limitless and its now a common and acceptable routine to have products from all parts of the globe and we don’t blink an eye anymore. This is what consumers see and is the front end of the business cycle and we have a much deeper back end as well that was manual a few decades ago and now has been completely taken over by an integrated system.

When the Business is spread across continents, we have an entirely new division of workforce management, Procurement, Production, division, Marketing and so on. Basically, these aspects of the local chain now become huge on a global level.  The finished goods out of these different factory locations then pass through various chains of distribution network involving warehouses, exports to different countries or local markets, distributors, retailers and finally to the end customer.

In Layman’s terms, Managing the entire cycle of Procurement to Shipment on a global scare comes under Supply chain Management. Its Defined as the management of a network of all business processes and activities involving procurement of raw materials, manufacturing and distribution management of Finished Goods. So basically it is like being there at right time and the right place Every time.Oracle Fusion Planning Central Implementation

And once we have the system in place, we have in-house issues of its own. Like meeting your customers even changing demands with reduced costs and maintenance. Oracle Introduces a supply chain planning with Oracle Planning Central Cloud.

With all your daily tasks like forecasting demands, managing your safety stock and generating material and resource plans in minutes, not hours!

Fusion Cloud is loaded with simulations and intelligent recommendations, complex issues in simple terms, so you can understand and address planning issues before it can engage them. The Oracle Planning management derives your ideas into action by providing suggestions to manufacturing,  inventory management and procurement Cloud applications and much more. It’s the foundation of Oracle’s unified Supply  Chain Planning Cloud suite which makes the job easier and productive.

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