Oracle Fusion SCM Modules Overview


Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management ensures rapid, smooth and successful implementation of the Oracle fusion distributed order, oracle fusion global order promising and procurement. Oracle Fusion SCM Modules helps to get a better understanding of the configuration options so that you can make improved decisions during the implementation process.

Oracle come up with Oracle Fusion Applications suite in 2011. Among all Oracle Fusion Applications Oracle Fusion Supply chain management accomplishing a mark in Fusion applications.

Oracle Fusion SCM Modules

Oracle Cloud SCM is currently leading supply chain management in ERP business. To attract the Small, medium size business Oracle shifted to Cloud ERP applications. The revenue of the Business enhanced on a large scale so, Oracle has succeeded in implementing the Oracle Fusion SCM applications.

Fusion Duniya offers real-time corporate training for all Oracle Fusion Applications including Oracle Fusion SCM Training. Here we have compiled with different Modules Overview  in Oracle Fusion SCM applications with brief descriptions about each module.

Oracle Fusion SCM Modules


Oracle fusion supply chain management performs specific tasks in the manufacturing and supply chain management offerings. It is an optional area in supply chain functional area and it must be implemented for oracle fusion SCM manufacturing. Basically, the Manufacturing functional area manages two tasks.

  1. Manufacturing Master data
  2. Structures

Oracle Inventory:

Oracle inventory management maintains material transactions within the warehouse. Inventory module handles the tasks like reviews inventory balances, manages inventory transactions and consigned inventory from suppliers and plans inventory replenishment.

Cost management:

Cost management is one of the modules from the Oracle fusion SCM that is re-architectured comparison with EBS. Oracle cost management introduces the concept of cost Cost Books, Cost Organisations to main the cost scenarios. The latest release of Cost management offers the landed cost management and cost accounting.

Order Management:

Order Management in Oracle fusion SCM manages the Sales Orders and Order Fulfillment. It also Transferring the Source orders to Sales orders and Order Lines to Fulfillment Lines. It will be working on processing the change orders.


Planning in Oracle Fusion SCM is a product solution, which can handles demands and supplies. It handles activities such as forecasting demands, determining resources and material requirements. It can also provide planning central, demand management, supply planning cloud services.

Global Order Promising:

Global Order promising offers features like check availability, what-if analysis which can help the customers. profitable to promise and capable of promise to compare the promising methods.


The pricing module in the Fusion SCM principles based on the Segmentation and customer profiles. The pricing modules provide the flexibility to create strategies which can handle the customer segments inefficient way.

Shipping Execution:

A shipping execution module in Oracle Fusion SCM manages and release pick waves. It also maintains processing, shipment confirmation, integrates with the internal and external systems. It also analyses the logistics, material management, and reserves inventory.

Product Management:

Product management module in oracle fusion SCM maintains the product information. Product data management and master data management is the solution to the product hub offerings. It is integrated with the cloud ERP modules.


These are some basic modules in Oracle Fusion Supply chain management. Anyone searching for Oracle Fusion SCM modules keeps an eye on it.

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